A family story

Tina always dreamt of working in the textile industry. Her mum Afie, passionate about couture from a young age, made her clothes and passed on her love for creating beautiful things. She even made Tina's wedding dress!

When Tina was pregnant with her firstborn daughter Noa, she turned to her mum multiples times to create what she invisioned for her newborn's bedroom. She was caught in the moment and very much enjoyed bringing her vision to life alongside her mother. Then people started asking questions about where the items were from and that's when the idea of Noa de Cajou came to her.

Tina and Afie had actually always wanted to undertake some sort of project together. Their close relationship and shared passion represent a true force which drives the line forward since its foundation in 2021.


The inspiration

Now a mum of two, Noa and Liam, Tina takes inspiration from her everyday life to tie the concept of beauty to that of utility. She believes that this will help other parents in their own day-to-day lives: a health record booklet here, a changing mat there… And all this produced in a pure and elegant fashion.


The founders

Tina was born in Paris. She studied in a business school, where she participated in exchange programs in Tokyo, Shanghai and New York. With her Masters’ in Entrepreneurship, she continued her adventures abroad by moving to Zürich, followed by London. There, she spent several years working for McKinsey & Company. It was her maternity leave that led her to leave it all behind and start Noa de Cajou.

As for Afie, she was born in Tehran and lived in Dubai and London before settling down in Paris at age 27. Having already worked for Ernst & Young, she then committed herself to design - particularly interior design. She crafted many curtains, cushions, headboards, and other such products for her newfound clients.

The team today